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Water Rats (Pré-Selecionada)

The Water Rats were born in 2012, in the cold Curitiba, Brazil. Presenting an exciting mix of 80’s punk and 90’s alternative rock, their aggressive music has been surprising the South American independent scene. They have hit the road sharing the stage with world wide known names like: OFF!, TSOL and GFP.

Their eight-track debut EP released in February '13, gave them a contract with the most important punk label in South America, Laja Records, who is responsible for the birth of "Ugly by Nature” their debut album that comes out in August ’14 only available in 12” vinyl or through digital stores.

The Wrats are prompt to make it abroad, and The “Ugly by Nature Tour” will land over the US West Coast this summer, August ‘14. They are ready to blow up your mind and ears, be aware of the capybaras!





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